Marty & Celeste

Well it’s been a while since things were good between us. Now I realize missing someone is a part of loving them; if you’re never apart; then you’ll never know how strong your love really is. I just want to be happy and more importantly I want her happy. Ive tried everything and Im just about out of ammo. Im asking God and a few others to help things go smoothly and work out so we can be happy….together.


Dear prayer warriors,

I request you to kindly uphold my spiritual mother Elaine in your unceasing prayers… Elaine has breast cancer and is undergoing Chemotherapy… She has grown weak and her immune system is low!!

Please pray for God’s grace and healing in her life!!

Thank you.

In Christ,

Amol Parage

my marriage

Please pray for my wife and that our marriage be saved, that if it’s not God’s will that she leave me for another man, that God will provide her with the insight she needs to not do anything contrary to His will. Thank you.